Explore Summer Camp

Jana Marie Foundation’s Explore Summer Camp provides rising 6th – 12th grade students a fun, interactive journey that enhances connection with self and others through creative techniques, games, and service.

Explore Summer Camp

beginning June 8, 2021

see below for complete schedule

Open to rising 6th-12th grade students

About Explore

Camp will meet outdoors at Circleville Park in State College PA from 8:30am – 12noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week of camp. Each camper will receive an individual box of supplies to be used during camp. All covid protocols, including masking and social distancing, at the time of camp will be followed.  Students may attend for one week or all five weeks.  Due to the generous support of the community, there is no cost to participate in this camp.

Explore! Summer Camp uses interactive and hands-on activities that explore ourselves and how we connect with others. During our time spent together, rising 6-12 grade students will learn tools to increase self awareness and how to become their best selves, as well as have fun and connect with others.

Daily activities will include: 

  • using art, music, writing, and other creative techniques to spark conversations
  • playing games and sharing fun to strengthen connections
  • devoting time for journaling, discussion, and reflection

Each week explores a different theme.  2021 will feature new activities, games, and ways to connect!

Week 1:  Grow. June 8 – 10, 2021:
This camp explores how we have grown and continue to grow as people. “Who and what are my roots, what do they give to me?  What are my strengths and how do I nourish myself for growth?”  will be among the topics considered. 

Week 2: Journey.  June 22 – 24, 2021
During this camp, we will consider, “What do I love and what am I good at?  What would I love to learn how to do and what are my goals around what I want to do?  Where have I been and where do I want to go?”  Through writing, mapping, and art we will explore how to turn our dreams into reality. 

Week 3: Express. July 6 – 8, 2021
This camp explores different ways we communicate with others.  “What is my favored way of communicating?  How can I tell when or if I have really connected with someone?  How can I be a good listener?”  We will have fun with improv and create tactile artworks to explore all the ways we express ourselves and communicate with others.

 Week 4 Play.  July 20 – 22, 2021
This camp celebrates the importance of play and having fun as they relate to our well being.  “What brings enjoyment into my life? How do I ensure I’m making time for fun?” Come join us as we add a splash of color and play the days away! 

Week 5 Share. August 3-5, 2021
This camp explores the role sharing ourselves with others and being part of a community has in our lives.  We will also be considering the importance of boundaries. “When and how do I set limits for myself?  How do I know if I am sharing too much?” are just some of the questions we will consider.  This week will include the development of a service action that might be helpful to another, such as writing letters or creating artwork for others of their choice.  We will also be developing artwork that helps campers express their boundaries.

*If there are thunderstorms or severe inclement weather, we unfortunately would be unable to be outdoors. In this case, we will due everything possible to move to a virtual platform. 

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