Jana Marie Foundation’s newest program is designed to spark conversations about mental wellness and personal growth to students in grades 4 and 5. Through the use of children’s books and engaging activities, the sessions will share themes and messages around building self-confidence, developing positive relationships, and expressing emotions in ways that are creative and healthy.


4:30pm – 5:15pm via zoom

Session 1: Jan. 6 – Feb. 3
Session 2: March 17-April 14

An Upper Elementary Program

The primary goal for GROW is to connect these younger students to each other and to their communities.  By exploring topics that embrace diversity, compassion, self- expression, and empathy, students will equip themselves with tools necessary to build and maintain relationships and learn healthy coping skills.

Through interactive weekly meetings, participants of GROW will have a chance to come together, listen to a short story, and discuss the themes of the book while completing meaningful artistic projects.

To ensure that GROW is accessible to all, Jana Marie Foundation will provide a creative expression kit to each participant. 

With one in five students ages 13-18 experiencing a mental health concern, it is important to start these conversations early.  GROW will empower these young people to reflect on their lives and emotions and will teach resiliency.  These are life-long skills that will help the participants continue to thrive in all aspects of their lives, and also know resources for when they feel they may need some additional supports.

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We are currently on a waitlist. Please contact Jana Marie Foundation at so we can do everything we can to help get you enrolled.