Celebrate and explore your parent-daughter relationship! Through creative expression, engaging activities and a variety of communication tools that emphasize the magic of connection, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their relationship, create long-lasting memories and find a deeper understanding for one another.

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Spring 2024

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2023 Details

Jana Marie Foundation is thrilled to be able to hold our annual Side by Side event in person again ! We’ve got a great lineup and are so excited to jump into spring and foster those invaluable family bonds! Here’s what we’re planning:

We will start the day off by providing a brief introduction to Side-by-Side, and we’ll start to brainstorm what elements make a parent/daughter relationship so special! Then, we’ll dive into some engaging sessions, that will get us moving and crafting with the aim of creating memorable moments of growth and bonding. Stay tuned for more details.


Session samples:

The Art of our Relationship. Ready your brushes! Jackie Gianico (Paint With Jackie) will lead us through a side-by-side paint session that will have us collaborating and working together to create pieces of artwork that can be hung together or separately. We’ll get a little messy as we figure out new ways we can support one another and share lots of laughs! 

Exercising Trust. Throughout her time with us, Kerry Bestwick (PYP Yoga Studio) will help us consider ways to strengthen our bodies as well as our relationships with family and friends through mindful yoga! This interactive session will have you stretching your concept of what it means to trust in one another and provide some time to center ourselves and reflect on ways to build healthy relationships. Grab those comfy clothes and get ready to connect on a deeper level.

Connection Corner.  Joe, Hannah, and Christine will have lead us through meaningful team building games and activities.

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited.  This event is open to Centre County students who identify as female in grades 6-8 and their mother(s) or caregiver.