“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Opening Minds Saving Lives

According to NAMI, one in five Americans experience a mental illness each year. The latest Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Data shows 1 in 6 students in grades 6-12 have considered suicide, 1 in 8 have a plan, and 1 in 10 have attempted suicide.  These are not just statistics, these are our neighbors, friends, and family members.

Mental and emotional health are equally as important as physical well-being; yet stigma and shame surround the topics making them taboo to discuss and preventing many from reaching out for help. That is why Jana Marie Foundation works to increase protective factors for young people and raise awareness for mental wellness and suicide prevention.

Since our inception, Jana Marie Foundation has harnessed the power of dialogue and creative expression to spark conversations, build connections and promote mental wellness among young people and their communities.

By supporing Jana Marie Foundation, you are helping to open minds and save lives.

Jana Marie Foundation gives a voice to those who are most vulnerable.

Reaching hundreds of adolescents each year through 11 signature programs, Jana Marie Foundation empowers young people to practice self-respect, maintain healthy relationships, and find their voice.

Jana Marie Foundation provides vital education to parents, educators, and adults.

It is said that every child is one adult away from being a success story, which is why Jana Marie Foundation believes in providing mental health education to all adults throughout our community.

Through Candid Conversations, Straight Talk, and other educational programs, Jana Marie Foundation ensures that parents, teachers, and adults have the most relevant information to help support youth through their transitional years.

Jana Marie Foundation encourages courageous conversations.

Jana Marie Foundation’s Mokita® series and Stompers Project® ignites community-wide and dinnertime conversations about mental wellness and helps to strengthen bonds within family structures and the community.  With support networks being the number one protective factor in young people, these courageous conversations have the ability to save lives.

Everyone plays a vital role in protecting our youth. Will you join us in opening minds and saving lives?


We can’t do our work alone. Our Touchstone Circle members have made transformative gifts of sustained support. We hope you will consider joining them.

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By becoming a member of Jana Marie Foundation’s Touchstone Circle, you will receive:

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  • Peace of mind knowing you are helping to save lives in our community

To discuss a Touchstone Circle gift, please contact Marisa Vicere at marisa@janamariefoundation.org, or 814-954-5920